Dentist kiev


The world-famous American psychologist Dale Carnegie always advised to smile, because a sincere smile can do a lot, and a «Hollywood smile» can work miracles! It is associated with the radiant teeth of world celebrities and is defined by the well-known standard of «straight smile». This is when the four main, most visible and large front teeth in the upper row are positioned evenly in relation to each other.

But how to achieve such a perfect result and what professional methods to use?

It starts with the nationality, social status, gender and the type of the patient’s smile. After that it will be clear whether you need to adjust only the teeth or soft tissue as well. The successful selection of color on a special scale is particularly important, so that the teeth don’t look unnaturally white. Special graphical design programs are used to simplify the process of selecting the most suitable option, when the selected model of the teeth is projected on the patient’s photo. Then it’s the dentist’s part of work.

And, of course, not only abroad but in Kiev as well, people longing to get a perfect smile usually choose a suitable clinic by searching for: “braces dentist kiev”, “dental clinic kiev”, “dentist kiev”, “teeth cleaning kiev”. Such fundamental changes in appearance require preparation in advance, such as getting rid of all accompanying pathologies of the oral cavity (for example, periodontal diseases), aligning the teeth and, of course, professional cleaning.

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